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Ways Decorate Home With Minerals

Put It on Display

If you get a large mineral of crystal, you can make it a focal point and display it on a coffee table or on a shelf. Make it a centerpiece. If you do place it on a table, you could put it on a platform of sorts, like a silver platter, to really highlight it. You could also put it in a display box. This option not only allows you to put it wherever you would like but also provides protection for it. It can be difficult to dust such items, so putting it in a box can eliminate this task. It’s also possible to group smaller crystals or minerals together to create a display piece if you prefer over using one larger one.

Consider Color

You should always try to match the color of the mineral or crystal to your decor or the mood you are trying to create. However, you can use contrasting colors that will really pop to make it a standout piece. For example, if your living room is decorated in yellow, you could get a purple crystal that would stand out without clashing and without getting lost amongst the yellow of your decor. For mood creation, you could use mellower colors or earth tone colors that would add a calming air to the room. As you’ll see on, minerals and crystals come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can find what will work best in your home.

Try Creative Groupings

You don’t have to always put crystals and minerals on shelves, in boxes or on tables. You could actually try grouping them in other containers, like baskets or bowls. If you have a bunch of small ones, you could even put them in a glass jar or container.

Mix Them With Nature

If you have a fountain, crystals or minerals can look great with water features. Even if you just have a small water feature in your home, pairing them together can create a nice feel to a space. You can also use them is gardens or pair them with houseplants. The contrast of hardness against flowing water or soft soil really can make a nice statement.

Get Creative

You shouldn’t limit yourself. Use the ideas given here, and think of your own ideas. You can always try something and if it doesn’t work, then just try something else. There is no doubt that crystals and minerals look stunning used in a variety of ways, so get creative and see what design ideas you can come up with. There really is no right or wrong way to do it. Browse to see what different mineral and crystal options there are so you can begin to plan your decor now.