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Tips Sofa Cleaning

Sofas are a considerable investment for any property whether it be an office or a household residence. The costs of replacing a sofa once it has been damaged are significant and can easily be avoided with the right care and attention.

For businesses, sofas are a sign of hospitality and luxury. Making sure that they remain in top condition is key and can lead to the good or bad first impression for any potential new clients.

Sofas see a lot of usage, usually on a daily basis and even every other hour – potentially even less. It’s important to use the correct materials and cleaning products to make sure that the material on the sofas stays in its best condition, without compromising on the quality of shade and design.

1. Protect the Fabric or Leather

Protecting the material that the sofa came with from the start is the best way to move forward.

For leather products there are many household and industrial cleaners out there to choose from, but make sure that you get it right. Use a specialised cream to coat the material. The best way to make sure that you get hold of the correct one is to contact the manufacturer of the sofa. They will be able to recommend a number of maintenance products that are suitable for your items. Please don’t be tempted to use a cheaper, everyday cleaning agent as it may damage the look of the sofa.

Keeping fabric maintained is a little trickier as any dirt that gets into the material can be extremely awkward to remove unless the appropriate action is taken quickly after the damage has been done.

Again – we would advise that you contact the manufacturer of the sofa and seek their advice and assistance to make sure that you do not cause any lasting damage.

2. Plan in Advance

If you are planning to purchase a new sofa for a business premises or home, plan where you want it to be located. If you intend to have it located in a reception area or living space, there is a high chance that it will come into contact with natural, direct sunlight.

If you are purchasing a leather sofa, this could potentially damage the leather finish n the long run and cause the colour to fade. In turn, you will end up purchasing a new sofa every couple of years which is not advised when it can be looked after properly.