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Things can do to Stay Warm Winter

It is officially the first day of winter, and the weather will certainly start to plummet, causing us to wrap up more in thicker clothes, and really sweat one out when we eventually arrive at our offices.

However, facing the cold winds, slippery surfaces and boggy pathways can be set aside when we come in our homes, ready to get comfortable with a hot chocolate and blanket.

There are many small tasks that you can complete to make sure that your home is warm and cosy this winter. Some will cost a small amount of investment, whereas others are completely free of charge with no strings attached.

Briefly, before we go into further details, let’s just take a quick look at what you could be doing this winter. Our best tips include; Fitting a smart thermostat, using draft excluders, closing doors, closing windows and check your radiators.

1. Smart Thermostats

These are still relatively new but are still yet to catch on in most homes. Smart thermostats are exactly what they sound like. They are heavily research pieces of technology that learn’s to adapt to your living patterns and routines.

You can have set times for working hours, so as you leave the office for your 45-minute commute, the central heating in your home will know to start up when you are approximately 15-minutes from home, leaving your home nice and toasty ready for when you arrive.

2. Draft Excluders

These are perfect for those of you that live in older properties.

Older buildings tend to be more vulnerable to drafts as the building has aged over time. Instead of replacing all of the carpentry and door frames, you could purchase some quality draft excluders.

You can pick them up cheaply at local DIY stores. You simply place them at the base of the door to prevent any cold air from coming in. The excluders soak up the cold air and prevent it from passing into your rooms.

3 & 4. Close any Doors and Windows

Remarkably, there are still a crazy few that sleep with the windows wide open, even at this time of the year! If you have your heating switched on, and have the windows open, you are making your home extremely inefficient and effectively burning money.

5. Check Radiators

This is one of the best things you can do in preparation for winter. I would suggest having them tested a few times leading up to the cold spells as radiators can change quickly. The waste water that potentially builds up in them can appear suddenly and unexpectedly.

Make sure that they are heating up correctly and bleed them regularly. If you do bleed the radiators, remember to check your boiler’s pressure and top it up accordingly.